Where to Find Sea Glass Jewelry Online?

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If you’re looking for a handmade sea glass jewelry, Congratulations! You’ve found us. At Sea Glass Designs, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful, authentic, handmade sea glass jewelry.

We’re Bruce and Gail Barton, and we run a family business creating gorgeous, one of a kind, elegant pieces of jewelry from the sea glass that we collect. We design, make and sell that unique sea glass jewelry online from our shop.

We spend much of the winter months collecting unique pieces of sea glass from the ocean around the North Bahamas. The sea glass actually comes from glass that found its way to the bottom of the ocean after the great number of shipwrecks in that area from the early nineteenth century.

The awesome fact about our collection is that we’re environmentally friendly. We take what others have lost to the ocean, or thrown away and recycle it to make our stunning sea glass jewelry. Mother Nature has worked for hundreds of years, polishing, shaping, and naturally frosting the sea glass into beautiful pieces that are just perfect for turning into eye-catching sea glass jewelry.

Whether you want a special custom piece of jewelry made from sea glass, we’d love to make that important person in your life, that special occasion, or perhaps a special treat for yourself memorable. We have the common clear (white), green, brown and blue colors available abroad the ships that traveled the oceans. Although rare, there are also red, yellow, and other colors in our sea glass jewelry online shop for a special person like you.

We also regularly exhibit our beautiful pieces of sea glass jewelry at events all over the U.S. However, if you are unable to visit us at one of these events, don’t worry. You can take a look at all of our latest sea glass jewelry online right now or visit us in person.

Our handmade jewelry is found for sale in shops, museums, and galleries in the Bahamas and throughout the US. Whether you’re looking for sea glass necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets or perhaps that special sea grass ring, we’re never out of stock. We’re specialists in turning our customers’ favorite pieces of sea glass into tiny pieces of art. We make jewelry that becomes a treasured possession and a lasting memory that you or your loved one will want to cherish for a lifetime.

Whatever the intention, style, color or look that you want, when our customers think of Sea Glass Jewelry, they trust Sea Glass Designs. To buy one for yourself or a loved, one call us today or visit our website.

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