Sea Glass Dog Collars for your Beach Dog

Doesn’t your four-legged friend that accompanies you at the beach deserve their very own sea glass necklace.

Our dog Lily loves the beach. She lives with us on our boat four months a year and is definitely a beach dog. Although she is not good at finding sea glass, she excels at finding coconuts.

Lily was our inspiration for designing a sea glass collars for beach dogs or for dogs that wished they could run on the beach.

The dog collars feature a photo of small pieces of sea glass with a piece of authentic green sea glass securely attached to the collar.

The collars can be personalized using a piece of your own sea glass. You can also choose a different color sea glass. Prices may be slightly higher if choosing a rare color.

Key features of our Sea Glass Dog Collar

Quick-release black plastic buckles with a metal D-ring
Adjustable for the perfect fit
Shiny and soft polyester webbing
Machine wash in cold water, line dry
Adjustable Sizes
Small 10.25 to 16.5 inches Fit dogs up to 38 lbs
Medium 13.75 to 21.5 inches Fits dogs up to 71 lbs
Extra Small and Large sizes available soon.

The collars are available on our website