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Mother's Day Sea Glass Jewelry

With beautiful sea glass jewelry you have the opportunity to take the beach with you anywhere you go. For many families the beach is attached to powerful memories for Mom, and with sea glass jewelry she has the chance to wear those memories everywhere she goes. Stylish and functional, Sea Glass Designs makes all of our jewelry from the glass collected from the beaches of Abaco Island. Beneath the waters that surround the island are several forgotten ships filled with glass treasures. As many years pass, the glass is tossed under the waves, softening its sharp edges and giving the glass a translucent glow. We then collect the sea glass on the shores of Abaco Island years later. The glass is smooth and soft and can easily be turned into beads or pendants to make the beautiful jewelry we offer at Sea Glass Designs.

Choose from several different pieces from Sea Glass Designs. We offer many different styles of bracelets, rings, necklaces, anklets, and earrings guaranteeing that you will find just the right piece for Mother’s Day. Our necklaces mostly feature soft greens, blues and whites but occasionally have pieces with reds and dark blue in them also. We offer many different collections including our signature collection that is only available online. We also have bezel necklaces and pendant necklaces. One thing we can ensure is no two pieces of jewelry will ever be the same. Our earrings we offer come in both elegant pendant earrings or demure, everyday wearable stud earrings. When making our rings, we take care to ensure that each piece of sea glass is mounted in a way to fully capture the most amount of light to make sure the ring has a chance to sparkle. Our bracelets come in either a mounted bezel or in fun sea glass charms. We set our sea glass bracelets in silver mounts to make the individual sea glass pieces sparkle like gemstones. For our anklets we like to use our deepest and richest sea glass pieces. Anklets feature sea glass
mounted in a bezel design.

Each and every one of our pieces of jewelry is crafted with the highest quality products to ensure they are durable enough for everyday wear. We only use top of the line products and techniques because quality is important to us. A piece of jewelry from Sea Glass Designs is a perfect Mother’s Day gift. With plenty of styles to choose from, each piece of jewelry is different and special, with no two pieces alike. Bring a part of the beach to your mom this May and surprise her with a one of a kind gift that she will cherish for ages.