Why Wear Sea Glass Jewelry For Your 2017 Beach Wedding?

Why Wear Sea Glass Jewelry For Your 2017 Beach Wedding

Sea glass forms when waves batter pieces of glass from broken bottles and dishes, turning jagged pieces of litter into smooth, glowing stones of all colors. What better material, then, to use as jewelry during your beach wedding? Sea glass jewelry from Sea Glass Designs is a perfect accompaniment to your shoreline ceremony.

Staying With the Theme

Beach wedding jewelry should match the overall theme, and pieces incorporating sea glass are perfect in more ways than one. Not only is the sea glass created by the sea — that alone is a winner — but it’s also a subtle color tie-in, with shades of blue and green mimicking the look of the ocean. Your jewelry can be a simple pendant, or it can be a more elaborate design that shows ocean scenes; if you have a particular activity that you like, such as diving or something else, the jewelry can be custom-made to represent that activity.

Sparkling in the Sun

Bridal sea glass jewelry is gorgeous, sparkling in sunlight while still appearing muted enough not to overwhelm your outfit. Darker shades, like dark blue, and sea glass in shades other than blue or green are lovely highlights; use clear or white glass to create an ephemeral look that adds shine without drawing people’s attention away from the rest of your jewelry. And if wearing a lot of jewelry isn’t your thing, use pieces such as bracelets and pendants as decorations around the altar.

Relaxing Memories

Your wedding should embody love, relaxation, calmness, and joy, and sea glass jewelry contributes to these effects when you have your favorite piece of sea glass made into customized jewelry. Wear a piece that is unique and that holds good memories of past vacations and days spent at the beach to give your wedding the good vibes it deserves. We can design a piece just for you that coordinates well with your other jewelry and your clothing.

Hand-Picked Bahamian Sea Glass

Our jewelry uses only the sea glass we find on the beaches of the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. None of it is manufactured in a factory — it’s all naturally smoothed and rounded by water and waves. We carefully match glass colors and shapes to create jewelry that is intricate but not busy. We also offer pieces that are simple, focusing on a particularly beautiful piece of sea glass. All of our jewelry is handmade.

Your wedding, be it informal or dressed to the nines, should be beautiful and memorable. Sea glass jewelry from Sea Glass Designs gives you that finishing touch!

3 thoughts on “Why Wear Sea Glass Jewelry For Your 2017 Beach Wedding?

  1. Olivia Pearson says:

    I love how you said that sea glass jewelry firs perfectly with a beach theme because of the colors and tones. I want to get something special for my sister’s birthday, and I wasn’t sure what give her. Now reading this article I’m extremely interested in handcrafted jewelry, especially the sea glass stone pieces, because she is from the beach, and loved living there. I’m definitely going to find a jeweler in my area that provides beautifully made sea glass pieces, to help her feel right at home.

    • Gail Barton says:

      I am glad the blog was helpful. We appreciate you feedback.

      Where do you live?

      I belong to the North American Sea Glass Association. I am in touch with many sea glass jewelers around the country. I maybe able to help you find a sea glass jeweler that uses only authentic sea glass. Be ware. There are a lot of fake sea glass jewelry out there.


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