Bahama Bound



After Lily, our dog, got her hair shaved off, she was ready to return to the Bahamas.  It was much too cold for a hairless dog in Connecticut.

Getting to the Bahamas should be easy.  You jump on a plane and arrive a few hours later.  That is not how it works for us. Lily will not fly on commercial airlines in the cargo compartment and I don’t blame her.  So after 4 travel days via car, plane,taxi and ferry, we will  reach our winter home “Orient Express”  in Green Turtle Cay, Abaco.


After a 3 day drive to New Smyrna Beach Florida, we catch our flight on dog friendly AirGate to Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco Island.


Even though AirGate is dog friendly and Lily could roam about the plane, she chooses to hide next to Bruce and shakes like a leaf all the way to the Bahamas.


Today we got our favorite pilot, Captain John.


This is our 12th year coming to the Abacos.  I am still in awe when we arrive over the Bahama Banks.  The colors of the sky and water are amazing


Before we can catch our 45 minute cab ride to the Green Turtle Cay Ferry dock, we must clear customs and immigration.


Eric our cab driver loads all of our belongings into the cab. I am hoping there is room for everything.


We make one quick stop at Abaco Groceries, the Costco of the Bahamas, for some provisions.


The day is not without drama.  Bruce and I left a computer bag and a backpack in the taxi.  We almost forgot “this is the Bahamas mon.”  No worries.  Our ferry driver, Larry, hops in his truck and tracks down our belongings.


The ferry appeared to be filled to capacity with passengers, luggage, provisions and supplies. Larry suggest that we squeeze closer together as this is the school ferry and we need to make room for 13 more passengers.


Home at last.  Orient Express is looking good.  The weather here is  77 degrees.  A nice change from  Connecticut weather. Looking forward to a another great season in the Bahamas.

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