The Most Wonderful Sea Glass Finds of the Year

We have been coming to the Bahamas on our boat since 2003.  While here, we rarely miss a day of sea glassing.  During the past few years we have seen a diminishing amount of sea glass treasures.  This year we have been totally surprised and amazed by the pieces that are again washing up on the shore.   Some of my best finds will not be turned into jewelry.   I am going to keep these treasures for myself.

I did my happy dance on the beach when I found this turquoise glass stopper in perfect condition. This stopper was most likely from a medicine bottle dating back to the early 1800’s.

old Clorox glass bottle
Old medicine bottle stopper

This square black piece of sea glass is from the bottom of a Case Gin bottle dating back to 1700’s.  The square bottoms made the bottles pack more efficiently in cases to be transported to the colonies.

Gin Bottle Sea Glass
Bottom of Case Gin Bottle

Do you remember your mother’s  buying  Clorox bleach in glass bottles?  Between 1940 and 1962 Clorox bleach came is amber bottles.   Until 1951, the lettering on Clorox bottles was raised and solid.  Beginning in 1951 the lettering was  changed to an outline.   That dates this shard  from a bottle from  the 1952 to 1962 era.

best clorox bottle

The production of glass electrical insulators flourished beginning in the early 1920s.  Electrical insulators were used to attach the wires to the cross arms at the top of the poles.   Hundreds of glass factories all over the country produced these insulators.  This aqua insulator would not be considered a collector piece because it was one of the most common colors produced.  Even though not rare, it is still one of my favorite finds this year.

green sea glass

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2 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Sea Glass Finds of the Year

  1. Vicki Wiltshire says:

    Hi Gail! You found some cool pieces! We’ve been going to Hopetown since 1997 and the quantity of sea glass has indeed diminished, but as you know…there is still a lot out there but you have to work harder to get it. lol I did not bring as much back this time, but found other things that interested me since I like to work with other sea treasures, as well. It was nice to meet you a few weeks ago and wish you the best in finding great pieces of sea glass! Probably run into you on the beach next year! Take care!

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